You are Successful and You are Worthy

Have you ever held a newborn infant in your arms?  The miracle of birth is amazing in and of itself.  But to hold a newborn baby can create a number of emotions within us.  We realize that this new life is perfect, even if it has imperfections.  We just want to hold him or her close.  We feel an instant attachment that is difficult to describe, even if it is not our child.

There is no doubt in our minds that this beautiful child is worthy of love and nurturing.  The evidence of that is in the fact that we simply want to hold it close to our heart and to gently caress it’s tiny face.

If we are involved in the child’s life, we celebrate each and every success.  We don’t recognize any failures.  As the child learns to talk and form words, we don’t care if the words are not pronounced exactly as they should be.  We are simply excited that words are being expressed.

Think of when they take their first steps.  They fall more than they walk.

They learn to take steps with help.  Then they start to take steps as they grasp onto a chair or as they are hanging on to a sofa.  When those first steps are taken without any aid or assistance, the child may only get one or two steps in, as we clap and praise the child, encouraging him or her to try again and again and again.

This little bundle of joy never gives up.  Failure is not an option, or even a thought in their tiny minds.  Yet if we were to judge them as we do ourselves, they are experiencing failure after failure as they fall only after a few steps, get up and take a few steps only to fail again.  If they are not able to get the hang of it the first time, we don’t criticize them, nor judge them.

If they don’t get it the first time, we try again the next day or later in the day.  We assist them again to find success.  When they finally walk, what we would define as success, it still may only be temporary.  They have to keep trying.

Each time they stand up, they are able to take more steps as they learn to balance themselves.  Within a very short time, they are walking everywhere.  Success after success until they have mastered the art of walking on two tiny feet.

The question that I have pondered over and over again, is “When did it change?”  When did we no longer see our efforts as small successes?  When did we start to criticize ourselves when we were unable to master something the first time?  When did we start using the word “failure” to describe what appeared to be something less than success?  When do we start to apply that term to others?  What changed?

As we watch the development of these tiny human beings, we celebrate everything.  Why do we stop?  If their introduction to this world is one of wonder and constant learning, when does the wonder and learning stop?

I would suggest, it never does.  There is no doubt that we can become discouraged when our efforts are not providing us with the results we always want.  Sometimes it takes time to master the things we are learning, to get the results we desire.  If we try something and it doesn’t work, we have not failed.  We have had success in learning what doesn’t work.

Like a small child learning to walk, we take a step and fall.  “Okay.  Leaning forward to far didn’t work.”  We get up and take another step and fall.  “Ha!  Leaning back to far didn’t work.”  We get up and take another step and then another and then another and then we fall.

The excitement grows as we realize we are getting somewhere.  We get up and do it again and again until we master walking.

The only way the child fails is if the child quits.

Success is experienced in the journey.  Sometimes barely recognizable, but if we never quit, we learn to walk.  If we never quit, we never experience failure.

We may get discouraged, but discouragement is not failure.  It is a motivator to try something different, to look at the problem differently.  Each time we fall, we are gaining experience.  The more experience we have, the closer we are to the result we desire, or success.   Never allowing ourselves to quit will guarantee success.  Even if that success is only getting us closer to the results we desire.

Similarly, just as we never stop loving the child that never gets it “right” the first time, we should never stop loving ourselves.  Just as the child is worthy of love, we are worthy of love.

Our value never diminishes.  How we perceive ourselves may be less than desirable, but our value never diminishes.

If we are moving closer to the results we desire, even if we never get the ultimate results we seek, we have grown in the journey.  We have gained experience and have taken a few more steps in the direction of our intended goal.  We are successful.  We are worthy of love throughout the entire journey.  Our worth never diminishes.

We have always been worthy.  You have always been worthy.  What keeps us from realizing our worth are limiting beliefs that we create based on what we perceive to be failure.  Or worse, we have bought into the comments and judgments of others.

The truth is that success is ours by simply continuing the journey.  The Truth is that anything we have been told that diminishes our perception of our worth is a lie.  No matter the source.

The truth is that we never outgrow our infancy, because life requires us to continue to learn and grow.

Begin each day with wonder and expectancy just like a small child.  Receive and expect love just like a small child.  Don’t believe the lie.  You and I are worth it.

Belief is Everything


I listened to a short video today on the power of belief. It is always a good reminder to remember that happiness is a choice. The main point of the video was that belief is the beginning point of all success. It is also the beginning point of all failure and misery. It all starts with a belief. We will attract whatever we think about the most. “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Tibetan monks chant to assist them to get to the feeling of what it is they are praying for or seeking. If we look into the mirror and continue to chant positive desirable things over and over again until we can feel what it is we desire, we will bring our desire to us. The more emotion we give it. The greater the shift. The can be no doubting. Remember, we get what we’re thinking about.

What do you desire? Only I can create my desired outcome. I am the creator of my reality. Good or bad, I will choose my reality. Only I control what I think and believe. Why not create only beautiful positive results? Our results are always determined by our choices in both thought and action. What have been your results?

A Way Out!

A Way Out!

When I was young, I wanted to be a lawyer.  To be honest, I never thought I was smart enough.  However, after attending college, getting good grades and a high score on the Law School Entrance Exam, I was admitted to the University of Utah College of Law.

Nearly 25 years later, as a solo practitioner, I realize that I was able to buy myself a high paying job, with no way out.  I needed a way out, and I wanted to spend time with my wife and family.  Being able to spend time with them was something that had been non-existent for many years.

I wanted to be able to get up with my wife and spend a little time with her in the morning talking and planning the day.  My desire was to share a vacation with her that lasted more than three or four days, without having to remain in touch with the office the entire time I was gone.  We have always wanted to travel and spend a little time in each place to review the history and relax.  If I had money, I had no time.  If I took too much time, I would lose money.  I wanted time and money.

While listening to YouTube videos, I came across a woman who had spent over 20 years as an investment banker.  She had discovered a way out and she was willing to share with me what she discovered.  I was looking for a way to solve my problem and she had some answers.  She showed me how to use the internet to give value to others.  In the process, it allowed me to earn a second income.  She was able to leave her career as the income replaced her earnings.  That was my goal.

I have had to learn some new skills.  As the poet Robert Frost has stated:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Want more information?  Follow this link and I will send you  free on demand workshops that explain the road “less traveled.”

A Change was Necessary.

Change was necessary.

Have you ever enjoyed a wonderful vacation and just as you are relaxing and recuperating, you realize that the vacation is about to end?  You don’t want it to end.  However, your job awaits your return.  If you are employed, you probably realize that your employer didn’t want you to take the vacation anyway because now they are short handed.

If you were like me, stuff was piling up waiting for your return.  Perhaps someone else filled in while you were gone, and assisted with some of what you would normally do when you are there.   If you are self-employed like I am, there is no night shift.  There is no replacement or assistance to “take care of business” while I am gone.  The work has very literally piled higher and deeper on my desk, waiting for my return.

Being self-employed I would have to work well into the evening and the weekends to be able to leave on vacation, to ensure that everything was completed before I left.  I would take my computer with me and often spend two to four hours a day, while on vacation, taking care of problems that arose while I was gone.  Then, when I would return, I would have to work late into the evenings and on weekends, just to catch up on what was piled on my desk.

The last day on vacation, I would literally feel the stress returning, realizing what awaited my return.   That was when I could actually take a vacation.  Normally, the only time I was able to take time off was over long holiday weekends, or by adding an extra Friday or Monday to the weekend.  When I did plan for time off, it would require planning my schedule several weeks in advance to ensure the week was free of obligations.

However, without fail, the week or two weeks before leaving, something would present itself that would interfere with the time promised to my wife.  It would require a great deal of effort to move or find someone to assist with the problem at the last minute.

What I realized was that I was spending all of my time taking care of what was important for other people, and never having the time to take care of what was important to me.  After nearly 25 years, I realized that it would never change if I did not find a way to change.  Although Einstein is quoted as saying that  “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result,”  there are many references long before Einstein that share the same sentiment.  The reality is — change can only occur when change occurs.  We have to make it happen.

I wanted a way out.  My business owned me.   I did not know how to move from what I was doing, to something else and still have the income to sustain my life and family.  I wanted to make my life and my wife my priority.  My business and fixing everyone else’s problems had become the priority.  It  left no time for me and it left no time to spend with my wife and family.

I was listening some YouTube videos on the law of attraction and heard a woman by the name of Landria Onkka talk about leaving her investment banking career  after 20 years.  She was making an income that matched what she had been earning in her investment banking career.   She had a way out and she was willing to share what she had learned.  Her time belongs to her.  She is able to create income on her time.  She is no longer confined to an office 40-60 hours a week.  She is able to travel and spend time with those she cares about when she wants.  She has both the time and money to spend on her priorities.  That is what I wanted.

The information she provided me has required effort on my part to learn new skills and to change my way of thinking.  It certainly is not a scheme to get rich quick, but it is a business that can be learned by anyone willing to learn and apply the principles and information available.  It has required a commitment of time and an investment of some resources.  To be able to spend with my wife and family, and to have money to spend on our priorities is more than worth it.

If you want to see if this would be right for you, click on this link and provide me with your email address and I will send you a series of videos created by some very successful entrepreneurs on using the internet to create a lifestyle of freedom and success.  All you have to is be willing to apply the principles.