My Roles

I AM  a father, grandfather, husband, lover, and a number of titles that are too numerous to share.  There are a few things that only I can do that no one else can do.  I am the only father to my children.  I am the only husband and lover to my wife.  It is only my time that I can spend with them.  My wife, my children, and my grandchildren are the most important part of my world.  For years I was unable to spend the time with them that I desired. 

I was also a solo practicing attorney, spending 10 to 12 hours a day, trading my time for money.  My time was spent taking care of other people’s problems.  It left little time to do the things that were important to me, because I was spending all of my time doing the things that were important to everyone else.  I was unfulfilled and unhappy.  I was tired and I was stuck. 

The wonderful news is that I found a solution to the problem.   I had to learn some new skills.  The good news, I was able to find a way to create income and still have time to spend with those important to me.  The very best part,  I have had mentors along the way to assist me. 

If this sounds like a solution to your time and money concerns, I would love to mentor you.  There are  free on demand workshops that will provide you with an overview.  If you are prepared to take the journey click on the link and will receive one video a day explaining the benefits of taking the road less traveled .