Have you ever enjoyed a wonderful vacation and just as you are relaxing and recuperating, you realize that the vacation is about to end?  You don’t want it end.  However, your job awaits your return.  If you are employed, you probably realize that your employer didn’t want you to take vacation because now they are short handed.  If you were like, stuff is piling up waiting for your return.  Perhaps someone else filled in while you were gone, and assisted with some of what you would normally do when you are there.   If you are self-employed like I am, there is no night shift, there is no replacement or assistance in “taking care of business” while I am gone.  The work has very literally piled higher and deeper on my desk, waiting for my return.

Being self-employed I would have to work well into the evening and the weekends to be able to leave on vacation, to ensure that everything was completed before I left.  I would take my computer with me and often spend two to four hours a day, while on vacation, taking care of problems that arose while I was gone.  Then, when I would return, I would have to work late into the evenings and on weekends, just to catch up on what was piled on my desk.

The last day on vacation, I would literally feel the stress returning, realizing what awaited my return.   That was when I could actually take a vacation.  Normally, the only time I was able to take time off was over long holiday weekends, or by adding an extra Friday or Monday to the weekend.  When I did plan for time off, it would require planning my schedule several weeks in advance to ensure the week was free of obligations.  However, without fail, the week or two weeks before, something would present itself that would interfere with the time promised to my wife and which would require a great deal of effort to move or find someone to assist with at the last minute.

What I realized was that I was spending all of my time taking care of what was important for other people, and never having the time to take care of what was important to me.  After nearly 25 years, I realized that it would never change if I did not find a way to change.  Although Einstein is quoted as saying that  “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result,”  there are many references long before Einstein that share the same sentiment.  The reality is change can only occur when change occurs.  We have to make it happen.

I wanted an exit strategy.  I was so entrenched in my business, I did not know how to move from what I was doing, to something else and still maintain the income to sustain my life and family.  I wanted to make my life and my wife my priority.  My business and fixing everyone else’s problems had become the priority, and it left no time for me nor time to spend with my wife and family.

I was listening some YouTube videos on the law of attraction and heard a woman by the name of Landria Onkka talk about leaving her investment banking career  after 20 years.  She was making an income that matched what she had been earning in her investment banking career.   She had an exit strategy and she was willing to share what she had learned.  Her time belongs to her.  She is able to create income on her time, and is no longer confined to an office 40-60 hours a week.  She is able to travel and spend time with those she cares about when she wants.  She has both the time and money to spend on her priorities.

The information she provided me has required effort on my part to learn new skills and to change my way of thinking.  It certainly is not a scheme to get rich quick, but it is a business that can be learned by anyone willing to learn and apply the principles and information available.  It has required a commitment of time and an investment of resources, but the outcome provides both time to spend with my wife and family, as well as money to spend on our priorities.

If you want to see if this would be right for you, click on the link below and provide me with your email address and I will send you a series of videos created by some very successful entrepreneurs on using the internet to create a lifestyle of freedom and success if you are willing to apply the principles.

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Lewis Adams
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